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Too much of this can lead to addiction…

If you follow the news and media, more and more acts of violence committed by teens are being blamed on video games or gaming.

Some experts point that too many hours of “gaming” as being the cause of kids and teens behaving violently in the real world, namely schools.

Furthermore, some experts assert that not only are kids possibly being influenced by playing violent video games, but too many of them are also becoming addicted to out-of-control “gaming“.

When someone becomes addicted to anything, it distracts them or renders them helpless to participate in or complete their everyday activities which are expected of them.

In fact, the reason they may not be engaging in these activities is because they are too busy “gaming” or playing the video games that they are addicted to. Furthermore, some teens use this gaming as an excuse or distraction to get out doing what is required of them – school work, chores and other responsibilities.

How does a parent know if their child or teen is addicted to gaming?

In fact, what is a reasonable amount of time they should be playing these games on a daily basis? Good question! There is no set time, or applied prescription for determining what is normal versus obsessive, rather parents need to observe the quality of their child’s life when it comes to other areas of their lives (the important ones like school, extra-curricular activities, hygiene, cleanliness, social life and relating to the family).

Are they fulfilling their responsibilities, succeeding at what is expected of them, and not being so pre-occupied with gaming that they are missing out on their obligations?

When gaming becomes troublesome is when red-flags pop up in school work and grades. Before, students would have to sit themselves in front of a TV or computer screen to play their games.

Today, with a variety of phones, I-Pads and laptops, they can take the game with them and play in school. It is when teachers begin telling students to repeatedly put their “games” away that the first warning signs of a gaming addiction might be sounding. Furthermore, if a student’s grades start to plummet continually, or they fail to participate during discussion times in class, or may also have problems attending to school as they are distracted by gaming, at that point you know an addiction may be prevalent!

Serious warning signs for gaming addictions occur when students get suspended or expelled for playing their games during school time after repeated warnings.

Moreover, when they start to spend money on their gaming habits, especially ones that involve games of chance (poker, blackjack, etc.) then the real warning bells should be sounding as this is a potential sign that they have a cross addiction to gambling.

They are taking their fantasy world (games) and applying them to the real world!

When teens and kids start acting out violently as a by-product of playing certain games that have violence in them then parents need to intervene and see what their children are actually playing, how long they are at it, and also if they’ve isolated themselves from having healthy social lives.

Parents need to know what their children are investing their time in, especially games that have the ability to influence lives in the real world!

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