Gaining the Confidence to Charge What You’re Worth

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People will pay what you charge if they perceive it is valuable to them

I’ve heard it repeatedly, “How do you know what you or your services are truly worth?” When people ask this question, they do so in reference to what they think they could charge someone who uses what they have available.

Interestingly, did you know that people will only pay what they feel something is worth and some might not be willing to pay for something or a service that is “cheap” in their opinion because they think, “Well, if it were really that good, then why is it so cheap after all?”

Unless you are shopping in a department store or spending at a company that offers a product or service, something is truly worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

Here is the catcher though…

If you believe that your goods or services are good, and that you are offering people the chance to buy something from the best that you can offer, then you should have the confidence to charge people what you believe you are worth on par with others offering similar products and services.

Image is everything when it comes to marketing oneself, one’s products or one’s services. In order to be successful and succeed in the business world, people have to believe in themselves and what they are capable of offering the general public.

You see, some people have a tremendous product or service to offer but they undermine their worth and do not expect to get what they really want for what they are offering, or get what it is worth for that matter. Sometimes, people set their worth in their professional lives based on what they believe their self-worth is in relation to family, relationships, friendships, fitness level, etc.

It is easier said than done, but the key to success in life is creating harmony across the board – career, family, social, physical health, etc.

It means that even though you live all of these aspects on a daily basis and they probably interact over the course of a day, they are still independent entities. Herein lies the rub, sometimes when people are lacking or doing poorly in one area of their lives, they carry into other aspects of their lives these same negative expectations and shortcomings.

Perhaps their marriage is falling apart or they are having difficulties disciplining their children, while their career/job is doing exceptionally well.

What could happen is they then bring in the low self-worth they feel they have as a spouse or parent and extrapolate this onto their business careers. In fact, they feel guilty that they are not good in the other areas (worthless) so this must mean that their careers, services or products must be worthless as well.

This is what happens when people put on red shades of negativity!

So, what can you do to make sure you charge what you are worth? Ask yourself, would you buy your product or service and how much would you be willing to pay for it?

Second, compare what you are offering with what is currently available to people looking for what you are offering.

Third, compare what you can offer to what others are offering and set your standard close to what they have if they can offer the same, or a little more if you can offer more.

It is all about believing in yourself and what you can give!

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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