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Eating healthy is eating happy

In recent articles I discussed how eating habits and food choices can have a profound effect not only on our physical health and well-being…

but also on our mental health.

The old adage, “You are what you eat,” is definitely on the mark when it comes to describing how we feel after we’ve eaten or what we choose to create for our diet.

Many people choose “mood enhancing foods” to “pick them up” or to give them a quick “rush“.

The two most common means for this are foods that contain processed sugars and starches, as well as caffeine.

Translated: Too many people start their days off with coffee and donuts. Well, then again many people finish their mid-mornings, early afternoons and late afternoons this way!


Simply the sugars and caffeine give almost instantaneous “blood sugar rushes“. It’s like consuming one of the “6 or 8 hour energy drink shots” accept the pastries along with the coffee provide the added incentive of flavor indulgence and a sense of stomach satiation. Well, at least until the sugar and caffeine wear off and the next sugar feeding is required to pick them up… again!

How do you feel throughout the course of a day? Are you one that has to have a coffee and pastry in the morning or at some point during the day to pick you up?

And how long does this “pick me up” last? And do you feel worse off for using caffeine and pastries or candy bars to give you your energy? Probably

First, let me start out by asserting that coffee is good – tastes good and also has great health benefits. Coffee is good when consumed in moderation, which means not pounding back a pot of it on your own! Also, coffee is good on its own or with milk.

It’s when you start adding the heavy creams and  processed “sugar” that coffee takes on the evil entity of “needing it” to function.

A cup of coffee first thing in the morning and or throughout the day is good. If you are a person who “needs” to have more than several cups, you might want to switch to green tea. Green tea is very good for you health-wise and has qualities that give more lasting energy that coffee doesn’t.

If you feel the need to have sugar with your coffee or tea, try raw brown sugar or honey. You will notice the difference in how you feel after the fact.

Also, if you are a person who needs their sweets (cookies, donuts, candy bars, etc.) you might want to switch to super sweet fruits like dates, pineapple, apples, strawberries, etc. The natural sugars produced in these fruits will give you similar sugar rushes, if not better ones that are healthier and you’ll avoid the addiction to sugar of the processed foods. You see, with fruits and brown sugars/honey, the “rush” doesn’t wear off the same way or make you feel sluggish and lethargic afterward because there are no processed chemicals in the ingredients. They are all natural the way your body really wants them to be.

For the next week try something different.

If you are a coffee drinker, use low fat milk and if sweetening it, use cane/brown sugar or honey. And if you are a pastry connoisseur try some of the sweet foods mentioned. Notice how your energy levels improve but best of all stay up rather than hitting a wall at a certain point causing you to need a refill.

Try it, you might like it!

To begin to overcome your emotional eating check out this MP3 session here.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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