Does Using Hypnosis for Child birthing Work?

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Hypnosis can ease the pain of childbirth

What is the real story with hypnosis?

Often times, people have questions and more questions but are always at a crossroads when it comes to the answers they are truly seeking for what they are pondering. Does hypnosis really work when one stops to lose weight, stop a bad habit, quit smoking or perhaps for natural child birth?

Is hypnosis considered “clinical” enough to be used in something so important and life-changing?

Many people have tried hypnosis and it didn’t work when they tried losing weight, stopping a bad habit or quitting smoking. This could have happened for two reasons.

One, the person trying hypnosis wasn’t truly ready or really wanting to quit their bad habits. Obviously, this would pose a barrier to success! Two, the hypnotherapist they used could have been a “quack“. The hypnotherapist most likely had limited or no training.

Most times it is these types of individuals practicing hypnosis which gives the entire discipline a very bad name.

Can hypnosis be used effectively for aiding in childbirth– pain management? Absolutely!

You see, hypnosis is an altered state of mind. Hypnosis leads to a heightened state. Individuals are able to shift their focus to specific qualities of an experience and hold them there. This means they can put their attention on things they want to and avoid focusing on what they don’t want–law of attraction.

Where one’s thoughts go, their energy flows!

A heightened state of awareness produces tunnel vision. Through tunnel vision, you are able to isolate, intensify and ingrate your focus on one key perception or experience and hold their concentration there. You only see, hear and feel what you choose to. Everything surrounding the experience gets blocked…the pain of child birthing!

Under hypnosis, the therapist gives offers post-hypnotic suggestions which will be used in the future, in this case the moment of truth – the delivery!

Hypnosis is awesome when the individual has effective triggers they can use and focus their attention on. Much like breathing techniques, individuals using post-hypnotic suggestions are able to block out pain, focus on the positives of the child birth and in fact, keep their minds focused on the joys of the completed outcome – the hatching.

Just kidding, the birth of one’s baby!

Hypnosis is a tool which has been used to aid and assist the mind body connection. Individuals using hypnosis have trained their mind to focus on the thoughts they want and these thoughts will take them in the direction they want to go in – in child birth, it is pain avoidance and feelings of comfort and safety.

If you are thinking of having an all natural child birth and are worried it might be so uncomfortable and painful that you are anxious about it, you might want to look into hypnosis as an alternative or compliment to your birthing classes.

I have been doing hypnosis for nearly 20 years with clients and the outcomes are amazing. People feel in control and possess great empowerment over all areas of their lives. If you are about to have a child check out this hypnosis session here to help with birthing.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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