Do You Suffer From Any of these Fears?

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Hypnosis can help you overcome fears…

Over the last few years we have published a number of articles on the theme of “Fear.”

We all carry our own “fears” around with us. There is not really a person alive who is truly fearless.

Show me somebody who claims to be fearless – or you think is fearless – and I’ll uncover some lurking “nightmare” operating within this fearless persona.

The reason I can say this with confidence is because science has uncovered the survival instinct programmed into each human being at birth.

When encountering a threat we are automatically positioned to do one of two things – Fight or Flight! Stay and confront the threat (escape may not be possible) or run to survive another day.

The “Fight or Flight” instinct is part of our autonomic nervous system which kicks in when threat is perceived – read more here >>>

The fact is you should have fear when encountering a person with a life-threatening weapon. Fear releases adrenaline which helps you in a flight or fight scenario. It helps you do things you would not normally be able to do.

However, sometimes a fear pops up causing a survival reaction in us but which we know is not a threat to our existence at all. These types of irrational fears can stop us enjoying life >>>

Hypnosis has long been an effective tool for helping people overcome these irrational fears. These are fears not part of our DNA – we learnt these fears. It could have been our direct or indirect exposure to an event that now causes these fears to manifest themselves and interfere with an otherwise normal existence.

Sometimes we can class these as phobias – such as spiders and arachnophobia  or fear of confined spaces also known as claustrophobia.

Other times these are just fears such as “rejection” or of “making mistakes.”

Below is a list of phobias or fears common for hypnotists like myself to help clients overcome or conquer. Each one links to an article that provides more information about what is going on and how to get help to eradicate these fears from your life.

This is not an exhaustive list but includes the more common fears.

How to Overcome Dental Phobia >>>

Overcoming Noise Sensitivity >>>

Overcoming Fear of the Dark >>>

Fear of Conflict and Confrontation >>>

How to Defeat the Fear of Flying >>>

Overcoming the Fear of Driving >>>

Overcoming Claustrophobia >>>

How to Overcome Fear of Making Mistakes >>>

How to Overcome Fear of Fainting >>>

Conquer the Fear of Laughter >>>

Overcoming the Fear of Aging >>>

Relationships – Fear of Rejection >>>

If the phobia or fear you’re experiencing is not included in the list above then you’ll find a larger list here >>> along with resources to help you overcome it.

If you live in my service area of Worcester and Metrowest Boston Massachusetts then please contact me to see if I can help with a one-on-one customized session for you. Call me at 508.269.0109 or complete the form on my contact page.

Erika Slater, CH
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