Do You Know Why You Smoke? And Why it is Key To You Quitting

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If you’re looking to quit smoking then a fundamental question to ask yourself is “Why do I smoke?

Here I’m going to provide some pointers to help you answer the question but you have to promise me one thing before you read rest of this article – you’ll be honest with your answers. After all why wouldn’t you be honest as nobody is watching or taking notes? It’s just you.

Fact is we fool ourselves all the time. So don’t fool yourself on this question.

Getting an honest answer is important for a few reasons:

1. It helps you – as a smoker – become clear about, and understand, why the smoking habit controls and clings to you.
2. It determines your level of commitment to becoming a non-smoker.

Let’s discuss the first reason and see how this will help you.

If you really struggle to answer or find honest reasons why you smoke then this tells you it is just a habit giving you no benefits at all and most likely you can break it easily and quickly. You would be a good candidate for using the “cold turkey” method and just stopping should work fine for you.

No need to check out hypnotherapist services, or buy patches, or even take prescription pills to stop smoking. Freedom from cigarettes or nicotine is just a quick decision away. End of story.

If however, you’re able to find real reasons – gives you pleasure, relax and calms you, makes you feel cool or connected to people you like who also smoke – then go on and test the reason. The reason should make sense to you and not feel wishy-washy and it should be consistent with how you live your life. Your reasons for smoking must invoke an intense emotion in you – a benefit you enjoy enough to risk your health and premature death to do it every day.

Whatever reason(s) you find to justify why you smoke then you’re beginning to accept ownership of the habit by admitting the reason why you smoke.

Don’t make the mistake of settling for the answer “because I’m addicted to it.” You may be addicted to a benefit you get from smoking and this is the answer you seek.

Don’t worry if it takes a while to tease it out of yourself – if you’ve been smoking for decades the reason why you started may be buried in your subconscious and exposing it could take some effort. If teasing becomes frustrating for you then seek out a hypnotherapist to help you.

Time to move on…

The second reason for getting to the bottom of why you smoke is to understand the level of commitment you’ll need to quit.

If you have strong emotional reasons and benefits why you smoke then this is what you’ll need to be prepared to give up or seek getting from somewhere else when you become a non-smoker. You’ll need to be committed to becoming a non-smoker whatever it takes.

The fact is you’re not a passive bystander in any smoking cessation process. A Hypnotherapist doesn’t have a “magic pill” to give you to stop smoking. “Here take one of these each day for 14-days and you’ll be cured.” Nope – doesn’t work that way.

The most common reasons why people fail when using hypnosis to stop smoking is lack of responsibility for the habit and commitment to stop… whatever! They went in thinking hypnosis will make this easy for me and my brain will be scrubbed clean of any desire to smoke.

Now, for some this is true. I’ve had many people stop smoking easily after one session.

But any professional hypnotist will tell you this is not the case for many – there are no guarantees. The resources a hypnotist provides as part of the program is there to help overcome the times when the level of commitment can wane during stressful situations in everyday life.

So your commitment level to stop determines your long-term success. It should be as strong, if not stronger, than the emotions you feel for the benefits of why you smoke.

Hope this helps.

Erika Slater CH
Free At Last Hypnosis

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