Do You Have What it Takes to Gain an Entrepreneur Mindset?

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Have you ever thought what it would be like to start your own business and be independent?

Are you tired of answering to bosses and now want to “be your own boss“? If you are thinking like this… a lot like this, then perhaps you have the seeds for what they call an entrepreneur’s mindset.

Maybe you are ready to start working for yourself and being your own boss. Just how hard could it be?

The key to being an entrepreneur and having the mindset to become one involves two things; first you must have a belief in yourself that you can and will succeed, and second, you have to have something to sell – goods or services.

When you can establish these two things, the capital to start your business will usually be made available somehow… somewhere.

First you must have a belief in yourself as an entrepreneur.

Most people prefer nine to five jobs or shift work jobs where they are guaranteed hours, benefits and other securities and perks that go with that job. It’s easy to work for someone else (a company) when you can go to work, get what you have to get done and then leave your work at work. Many people find this aspect of working for others most attractive.

Furthermore, what is even most appealing for many is that when they have put in their years of service, they can retire and collect a pension. In essence, they work so they can retire on a nest egg and pension.

An entrepreneurial mind doesn’t think the same way.

Sure they would like financial security, the perks and worry-free mind of working for someone else, but one thing their mind possessed more so is a sense of passion. They are passionate and eager to create, operate and run their own business to success.

Even though they may be putting in twice as many if not more hours than those working for someone else, they are passionate about what they are doing and it doesn’t feel like work.

They enjoy running a business and working because it feels more gratifying and satisfying because it is their own. When you feel this kind of passion, you are thinking and feeling like an entrepreneur!

The second key component of the entrepreneurial mind is they know what they want to sell.

Moreover, they not only know what they want to sell, they believe they will be able to sell it and sell a lot of it. Their goal and mindset is not to “just get by“, rather to succeed in the ability to make their business grow and expand.

The key to possessing a successful entrepreneurial mindset is the ability to foresee changes in the years ahead. Excellent business owners who achieve the greatest success are speculators and look to think about how they can improve their goods and services – how they can stay one step ahead of their competitors and what new technological advancements are coming.

The ability to create and speculate is something that is fun for the entrepreneurial mind. You see, when you think this way there is a certain risk involved and this is stimulating.

The greatest quality of an entrepreneurial mind is the ability to embrace change. They realize change is a vital part of success and these people want to be that change!

Many people aspire and have a strong desire to be entrepreneur’s but lack the confidence and if this is you then look seriously at our Be a More Confident Person and Increase Your Self-Esteem program – it could make the difference in getting to your dream or “missing the boat.”

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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