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Persistence is all about mindset…

Are you a person who often times gives up a little too easily or at the first barrier you meet?

Do you look at successful people who you know are so tenacious that no matter what obstacles or setbacks that they encounter they still chase down their goals and dreams like a pit-bull terrier and wish you could be more like them?

Have you ever wondered what it is about these people that makes them so successful, and you wish you could get some of it for yourself so that you too could be just as successful?

If you are of this mindset and want to see “successful” changes come your way, then read on…

Perseverance is not sold in bottles, does not come in liquid or tablet form, and cannot be compromised or bartered for. It is mindset that begins with you and is carried through by you. Since it is a mindset and the mind is responsible for thoughts, then it is all about creating, generating and continuing to foster the right thoughts.

Ask any successful person what makes them so successful at what they do and it boils down to perseverance based on goal setting.

They see the end result before they get started and mark that as their destination point on their journey. Even though there will be obstacles, they will look to find a way to get to their desired goal, even if it means going over, under, around or through the presenting obstacle.

The key to being tenacious is tackling your goals much the same you would go about eating an elephant, one bite at a time!

Too many people get overwhelmed by looking ahead too far and considering all of the problems that they may encounter. With that said, it gets very discouraging for them and they buckle at the first sign of resistance.

Instead, you have to take things day by day, and inch by inch.

Successful people will tell you it is not the end result of achieving their goal with makes them feel great at the end, but rather the journey they took to get there which made them better for it!

People will often times wonder “how” in the heck they will ever achieve their dreams. When they can’t find reasons for the “how” they get discouraged and develop an, “I do not believe it is possible, or ever going to happen for me!” mindset. This in turn deters you from your vision quest (end goal) and makes it less exciting and you lose passion for achieving it.

Success is an inside job… if you believe you can achieve then you will and if you believe you can’t you won’t.

Much of it is determined by the beliefs that you hold, and the self-talk you feed yourself. If you start saying good things about yourself and tell yourself to “keep on keeping on“, and that you will achieve your goals, then you most likely will in due season!

The key is to hold your end result firmly in your mind and feel what it will feel like in every cell of your body once you achieve it.

Before you know it, you will truly manifest those same feelings because you have now really achieved your end goal!

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Dr. Peter
Staff Editor
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