Different Ways to Perceive Adversity and Enrich Your Life

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How you perceive adversity can enrich your life

How would you define adversity if someone came up to you on the street and asked for your interpretation?

Some people might define adversity as the problems that they encounter in their lives.

Others might perceive adversities as difficulties they experience on a daily basis. And then there are those who view adversity as challenges – opportunities to problem solve and create strategies to deal with, overcome and be successful with these challenges.

When it comes to adversity it is all about one’s perception!

There is the famous saying, “If it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger!” This is the ultimate possibility thinker’s belief in that if they are still alive, they get to fight another day.

Unfortunately, too many people look at life this way – full of problems, trials and tribulations and one major battle. The “last man standing wins” is how some see it. Life was never meant to be a battle or challenge, rather an opportunity to live and become wiser through overcoming adversities and sharing insights and successes with others.

Bestselling author Dr. Robert H. Schuller, someone I have had the great experience of knowing and whom I can call friend came up with the ultimate possibility thinker’s creed. It goes something like this…

When faced with a mountain I will not quit! I will keep on striving until I climb over, find a path through, tunnel underneath it, or simply stay put and wait for help.

Now that is some pretty good advice for dealing with adversity. Most people see the mountain and already think or say “No way!” Adversity and trials create problem solving opportunities, the ability to enhance one’s mindset and creates a characteristic which cannot be learned or taught in books – wisdom!

People will find life less bleak and pessimistic when they view adversity as opportunities for personal growth and success.

Each time you problem solve or overcome a less than desirable situation, you are mentally and emotionally stronger. You are a success! No problem is too small to shrug off and no problem is too big to overcome with the help of others.

Adversities teach people to become better social creatures in that they remind them they do not have the answers or strength to do all things. There is no shame in asking for help and reaching out to others. Adversities promote humility and the chance to show or help others see that they possess knowledge and wisdom skills. Adversities encourage socialization and community. After all it is the greatest adversities that sometimes bring communities together showing how wise, strong and resilient they really are (think Sept 11th).

Perhaps next time you are faced with an adversity you might look at it as an inconvenience or a challenge rather than a problem.

View it as an opportunity to exercise your skill set, seek out the help of others, and a chance to become a wiser person, or the person you were intended to be – one better off for learning a life lesson!

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