Dealing with Difficult Questions During Presentations

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Can you really prepare for the question from hell?

Have you ever had to do a presentation or question/answer period only to have the “question” asked of you that you would have never thought of in a million lifetimes?

You know that question that is the most difficult to answer, or you do not have the information to even attempt to answer, or it is so asinine a question in the first place that you wonder in your inner voice, “Who the heck asks that kind of question?“.

As long as there are people sitting in on presentations there will always be questions and sometimes they will leave you speechless – not a great thing when you are the “expert” who is supposed to have the answers to the question.

This is one way to not only feel foolish but also look foolish.

So… do you then prepare yourself going into presentations fearing that someone is going to ask that question from hell?

When you think about it, difficult questions are those questions that are “difficult” for one of three reasons; 1) You do not have the information or knowledge to answer it, 2) It threw you completely off and triggered something that created an anxiety within you, perhaps based on some experience from the past, or 3) The question is perhaps so ridiculous or even insulting that someone would ask it in the first place.

When you are able to break “questions” down into one of these three categories and identify them for what they are, then things become not only more tolerable, but easier!

Let’s be realistic, no one has the answers for everything, not even Google, as it is being updated daily. With that said, if someone asks you a question that you do not know, then answer, “That sounds like a great question, but I do not have the answer at this time, but will gladly look into it for you.”

For the one asking the question, they will be more impressed by you because you took the time to tell them their question mattered. Often times those who can’t answer the question feel stupid because they attribute this belief upon themselves, whereas the one asking the question doesn’t place this judgment on them.

Some questions might actually be a trigger for something you were asked in the past, or even experienced that still makes you feel uneasy.

Basically, you have something unresolved from your past that still lurks in both your conscious and unconscious minds that require closure. You may have suppressed it, or pushed it aside, but if it keeps coming up, especially at inopportune times, then you had better resolve it.

If you can’t get to the root of the matter, then perhaps trying hypnosis can be an effective helping aid. A trained hypnotherapist can uncover the root of the matter which sets you off whenever you are asked certain types of questions. The therapist can help you to remove and resolve the underlying issue.

Finally, there will always be those people who will ask not so great questions.

Instead of becoming rattled or unnerved, try to see the humor in it and just smile. In fact, whenever you are asked asinine questions, perhaps view these as experiences which test your patience and make you a better person!

If you do presentations as part of your job but live in fear being asked something you can’t answer and want practical help now then here’s a self-hypnosis session to check out here >>>

Dr. Peter
Staff Editor
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