Conquer the Fear of Laughter

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Do you feel at the receiving end of this laughter still?

Just when you thought you heard it all in terms of what people can become fearful or afraid of, and even develop an aversion too, then comes “laughter“, the most fun, innocent joyful expression, which is truly medicine for the soul.

How in the world can someone actually be afraid of laughter, either being around others who are laughing, or even engaging in their own laughter?

After all, can laughter be harmful and even traumatizing?

The answer is definitely “yes” for some individuals, especially for those who have been bullied or ridiculed in that past in front of their peers or an audience who stood by, did nothing and… laughed with everyone else.

For them, the sound of laughter created wounds and scars!

As kids, we are taught to and encouraged to smile, have fun and literally laugh our heads off!

Laughter is associated with peace, joy and a sense of innocence. Unfortunately, some people use another persons’ humiliation, embarrassment or discomfort to amuse them self as well as get others to laugh at what they are doing. Keep in mind, there is a big difference between laughing with people versus laughing at people.

When you are the brunt of a joke or bullying, that does not feel good. Often times the laughter is directed at you as you become the subject of humiliation. Or at least you feel the humor is directed at you – Psychologists suggest that a person’s humor can reflect more about their fears than those it is directed at (see article here >>>  )

Unfortunately, when this is done over time, or one very traumatizing time, it can lead to feelings of shame, low self-esteem and self-loathing.

Why are people always laughing at me?” “Am I really that dumb, ugly or different?

Once these seeds become implanted in one’s awareness and unconscious mind they avoid most if not all situations where they know people will be having a good time and laughing. They believe if people run out of things to laugh about, then they will become the joke!

Furthermore, even when they are in a situation where others are laughing along with them (no one is the brunt of the joke and being put down) when everyone is having a “safe” good time, they can’t stop feeling deep down that laughter is bad because in the past it has “burnt” them and they worry if it will hurt them again.

Should someone who has been bullied in the past, and who cringes at the sound of laughter always be forced to live within this unhappy, laugh-less shell?

The answer is “no“!

Laughter (happiness) is a normal and genuine emotion that all individuals should experience. Moreover, laughter de-stresses people and actually improves one’s immune system. How do you get to conquer this fear of laughter?

Hypnosis is the best and quickest remedy. By using hypnosis sessions under the supervision of a good therapist, one can have those memories or seeds (traumatizing ones associated with bullying and humiliation) blotted out, while keeping the memories associated with happy laughter at the forefront of the unconscious.

In fact, the hypnotist can help embed cues that whenever you hear laughter, it not only relaxes you, but makes you really want to start laughing yourself – you know those full belly laughs!

If the sound of laughter makes you feel tense and you want to train your brain not to fear laughter then this self-hypnosis session could be just what you need to conquer this fear here >>>

Dr. Peter
Staff Editor
Free At Last Hypnosis

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