How Self-Confidence is Attainable by Everyone

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Self-confidence is the right of everybody

Self-confidence is something you develop over time and lack of confidence can be strongly influenced by your up-bringing and environment.

Self-confidence can be defined as “self-assured in one’s personal judgments, abilities and powers.” It’s a feeling of trust in the qualities and abilities you possess. It’s about feeling capable when it comes to performing a particular action or a desired behavior. A self-confident person doesn’t suffer from doubting thoughts. They know they’re competent and can accomplish what they wish to do or achieve.

Self-confidence is something  we need in every area of our lives. Not having enough can make it difficult to put one’s best foot forward and it can even make success unattainable.

People who are self-confident can inspire confidence in those around them. Those who lack self-confidence often don’t feel very good about themselves as they struggle to live life to the fullest and realize their greatest potential.

Self-confidence is wider than just confidence. You can have deep confidence in the work you do because you’ve skilled at it – but this doesn’t necessarily translate into self-confidence about you as a person.

Those who are confident in themselves can do what they know is right even if other people criticize them for it. A self-confident person is willing to take chances to achieve what they want in life, and can admit when they’ve made a mistake and can learn from it. They can also accept compliments in a gracious manner, rather than dismissing or ignoring it.

There are two things that make up self-confidence. These two elements include self-efficacy and self-esteem.

Self-efficacy is something that develops when we are able to view ourselves mastering skills and from there achieving the goals that come from these skills. Self-efficacy is what makes it possible to keep moving forward despite obstacles and setbacks. It’s also what makes it possible to rise to challenges.

Self-esteem is a general sense and feeling of liking yourself and accepting yourself for who you are. It’s also about feeling competent in your own life and knowing you deserve to be happy and fulfilled. Lack of self-esteem can be seen in people who exclude themselves from taking on a challenge because they don’t feel they can do it – such as lose weight or stop smoking. They know others are successful at it but feel those people possess something they don’t have so they don’t try – or if they do they expect to fail.

To build your level of self-confidence you must create a strong and positive belief in yourself.

Key to building self-confidence is self-belief. Belief changing work I perform for clients is a combination of hypnosis and the Accelerated Change TemplateTM or ACTTM. Belief changing work can help build self-confidence over time as barriers and patterns are changed through both hypnosis and sessions identifying barriers to change.

If self-confidence is a barrier to your success then we should discuss how hypnosis can help you move into a different phase of your life.

To start working on your confidence today, check out this MP3 session here.

Erika Slater, CH
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