Breaking through New Parent Anxiety


If you’re a new parent, or are expecting, there is no doubt that your world feels like it is being turned upside down, around and about, and landing all together different.

Your independence, the life you knew best is about to become, or has become one based on co-dependency, and this is literally a twenty-four seven event. Even though the physical umbilical cord will be severed, the psychology cord is connected and always being tugged on.

Welcome to parenthood, the time when you worry about being and doing the best that you possibly can do for your baby.

Did you know that having a baby can be one of the most stressing and anxious times in a parent’s life (I am talking about both mom and dad here.). Yes, there is the joy and pleasure of having a newborn, but with it comes the stress of responding to the needs of the baby, as well as the stresses parents put on themselves as they try to become the perfect parents.

There is no doubt becoming a parent can be overwhelming on its own merit, but when you add the pressure of being the consummate and ultimate parent, it leads to perfectionist tendencies which can really add stress not only to parenting, but a marriage as well.

One of the greatest stresses with becoming parents, is often times a marriage no longer seems like a marriage in terms of a couple connecting with one another.

The perfectionist mindset to become “perfect parents” sometimes undermines marriages and can lead couples to drift apart. Parents may start to believe that their first and only responsibility in life at the moment is to their baby. Their life is all about being a parent, and a parent only.

Yes, it is definitely true that the baby should come first in terms of providing care, but with that said, the marriage needs to continually be attended too, as well as other aspects of one’s life.

Just because one has a baby, doesn’t mean that they stop living all other facets of their lives.

The key thing about being a good and effective new parent is to maintain a life of harmony. Your life should continue moving along smoothly, instead of perceived or self-inflicted stressors placed upon yourself that just because you are a parent now, things have to be completely different. Being a positive and effective parent is all a mindset, you need to know that you are in control of your thoughts and emotions, and not become too overwhelmed.

Hypnosis is an exceptional aid for new parents, or parents who are about to become parents.

Hypnosis helps calm the mind and leads it to stay focused. Often times the stress and anxiety surrounding being a new parent is caused by thoughts that become mind chatter, which become engrained over a period of time – channeled worry and anxiety.

You manifest the worry and fear of being the “perfect parent” into your actions.

Hypnosis can help provide your mind with positive cognitive scripts that remind you that you are in control at all times and that you are doing the best you can and indeed are the “perfect” parent for your baby!

If being a new parent is close for you or just happened and already you feel inadequate or overwhelmed… relax. Being a new parent is tough and for many of us it’s a huge shift. I mentioned already hypnosis can help with relaxing and there is a special session recorded for new parents to check out here >>>

Dr. Peter
Staff Editor
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