Belief Changing for Weight Loss

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Weight Loss is attainable for you…

How many times have you honestly tried to lose weight and failed? When I say “honestly” tried, I mean committing yourself to a real weight loss service program only to put the weight back on, and even more!

Conversely, how many times have you heard others discussing their unsuccessful weight loss attempts only to become discouraged with the idea of trying your own?

The more negative publicity weight loss gets, the less likely you are to believe it will and can work for you. And for many, they adopt the belief, “Why the heck should I even try because I am just going to put it all back on again!

And that is where the dream of losing weight begins and ends all because one accepted a belief about the past! Well folks, this is the present and a new day for new beginnings.

Ready to believe that you can lose the weight you want?

Weight loss is not only about controlling your eating, exercising and doing things the “right” way – no! Successful weight loss is all about possessing the right state of mind, one that says, “I know I will be successful if I put my mind to it!

The first order of business is to not define yourself based on your past, especially your past failures when it comes to weight loss. The time might not have been right the last time you tried, or you didn’t have the wisdom and tools to do it the right way. Rather than looking at the experience as a failure, look at it as a learning experience – “I know what not to do again, and what I should be doing!

You are not your past and guess what… the past no longer exists. The beauty about the present moment is that you control it and can decide how and what you want to do with it.

So if losing weight is your objective, make that your decision and most of all “believe” that you can do it, and you will! Belief is all about having faith in oneself and once you have that, you are half of the way there.

The best way to strength your belief in yourself sometimes is through getting outside help. A good hypnotherapist can help you create confidence within yourself through hypnosis sessions which incorporate erasing from the mind past failures, while placing in positive post hypnotic suggestions wired toward the creation of having a positive belief in yourself.

Hypnosis is not magic rather it helps you place the beliefs you most want into your unconscious mind faster. Placing them there helps improve your self-esteem and makes you truly believe that you are able to achieve what it is you want.

Remember… where thoughts go, energy flows!

If you believe you have the ability to lose the weight you wish you could, your energy will see to it that you get to where you want to go. Hypnosis has the ability to establish positive, healthy thoughts that ensures that your energy of chi goes is in the direction of success.

Best of all, you can get instant results in the retraining and modification of your thoughts within the first session.

This positive belief building will not only help you with your weight loss goals, but in all areas of your life. Your self-esteem and faith in your self will rise to new levels.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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