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They say that balancing one’s career/work life with their family responsibilities (personal time, etc.) can be a tremendous juggling act for some.

With the rigors and responsibilities that people face today, it is amazing that they remember where they need to be at a certain time, let alone their own names. Thank heavens for all of the technological calendars and planners people have on their phones and the reminders for where they need to be!

The problem that many people face today is that they no longer have typical nine to five jobs.

Instead, they have several part-time jobs with hours that add up to a typical work day minus the set times and congruency. Furthermore, many people have opted to start their own businesses and be their own bosses. Interestingly, when many people thought that being an entrepreneur would grant them more personal freedoms, they didn’t realize how monopolizing of time being their own boss could be!

When individuals enter the world of being their own entrepreneurs they quickly find that their worlds collide between their careers, family life, relaxation and other personal enjoyments.

Not only do their worlds blend, there are also blurred lines in terms of dragging other people (namely family and friends) into a new way for planning and daily living. Personal deadlines begin finding their way into households by way of stressors and anxiety. Not only does the individual who is now their own boss have to deal with the stresses of being a boss, but others in their lives feel the anxiety as well, in fact it may even be projected onto them.

This has the ability to not only undermine the happiness within the family, but also destroy one’s marriage and family.

How can you be your best self as boss, leader and entrepreneur, and still be a good family member who makes time to keep the family structure flourishing?

The key perhaps is perspective, planning and moderation!

Perspective involves one’s being able to see the relative importance of things based on their perceptions. They realize that, “Yes work is very important!”, but they are actually a member of a family (spouse, parent, etc.) and that they spend more hours as a family member, may change jobs/careers several times over the years, but they will always be a part of the family they are in.

For many, they are a part of their families even when they are at work as they love and think about their families, but when they are home, they are not building house foundations, delivering mail, etc. as their work stays at work. It is all about perceived importance.

With that said, when they are at work, their energies and dedication to their job should have their 100% efforts!

Planning is all about budgeting one’s time and doing things in the order of importance. It means working within the parameters of time-lines that are realistic and important. Lines need to be drawn in that when one time period devoted to work is complete, then family should then become important, and vice versa. Here are some more life balance tips.

This leads into the ability to do things in moderation which means literally not placing all of your eggs in one basket. Translated, don’t burn yourself out completely in your career or work that everything else, especially family becomes neglected. Whenever you feel things spiraling down then take a few minutes out each day to focus on distressing.

Don’t consume yourself in family or relationships that you don’t have time to do work and invest yourself in becoming financially stable. Yes marriage and family is important, but you can’t live on love alone!

Getting the work life balance is a thorny topic and it varies from person to person. Here is a further resource to give you practical help in the comfort of your own space for work life balance >>> 

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