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There is a new standard for “over the hill.”

It’s funny when you hear a reference being made to someone “getting up there in age” as being “over the hill“. Just exactly what is over the hill?

Some would assert that it is when you hit 40, which used to be considered the middle of one’s life and things just go down from there. Well, that’s all wrong because 40 is no longer considered the midpoint with today’s expected longevity increasing. So, now it is considered 50 – Yes, many people today expect or hope to live to be 100 years old!

Let’s go back to the “over the hill” saying. It is just that…nothing but a saying.

It is when people begin embracing it as some kind of proverb or truth and believe  it to be something real, a measuring point for their life and health, that a mindset of “ageism” or “old” comes into play. Remember, age is just a number and you are only as old as you think you are. Amen! These are absolute truths.

I sometimes hear people assert that it they are too old to “get healthy” or physically fit. Are you kidding me?

Someone tell that to the late, great Jack LaLanne who passed away this year, living to be 97 years. Okay, he didn’t quite make it to 100, but Jack always preached, especially to “older people” that it is never too late to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right and doing some kind of physical fitness or activity.

Jack believed that health was not only a state of mind and choosing, but also our right as humans to possess!

How healthy do you feel right now? How happy are you with your body, the way it works for you and your overall well-being? Would you like to get “healthier” but believe it is too late in the game to get started? Well, look at it is way – all you have is time and that time will pass regardless of what you do with it.

The only guarantee most have with the time that passes by is they wish they would have done something with it – regret!

So why not be, get or feel healthier?

As a professor, international author and therapist I have always liked the line from the great movie, What About Bob? I use it a lot actually. The line I am referring to is when Richard Dreyfus’ character (psychotherapist) tells Bill Murray’s character (OCD patient) to take life in stride – “Baby steps“.

Today, I challenge all baby boomers out there to start taking baby steps toward optimizing your health! It all starts with a positive state of mind and some determination. In taking “baby steps” instead of leaps, you won’t fall on your face by feeling overwhelmed, but gradually working your way toward a level of health you want no matter how old you are.

See yourself and feel yourself being at the level of health that you desire for yourself.

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Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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