All About Nail Biting and How to Stop

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Nail Biting is a habit… and like all habits can be changed

Are you one of those people who can often times be caught throughout the course of a day gnawing on their nails?

If so, the next question would be, do you actually enjoy it?

Is it a nervous habit, or do you possess some kind of bizarre delicacy for your nails?

Well, if you find yourself swallowing the remnants then I might be a little concerned!

Either way, nail biting is not a good activity to be habituated to. Not only is it a dirty habit (you are actually consuming germs on your hands), but it is also repulsing and distracting to others.

Are you ready to quit?

Habits usually take 21-28 days to form.

When you do something for 21-28 days consecutively, or stop doing something for that same time period, a new habit will be created. So, when you started chewing on your nails, you probably engaged in a period of time consistent to the stated 21-28 day time period.

The goal now is to stop doing it or interrupt the cycle throughout a 21-28 day period to make change permanent. Are you up for it?

I hear about people rubbing hot sauce or other repugnant solutions on their finger tips as a deterrent to stop nail biting. Does it work? Rarely is the answer! In fact, if you actually like hot sauces you might love chewing on your finger nails even more!

Some people might actually acquire a taste for the chemicals they are placing on their finger tips that are suppose to create an aversion in the first place.

Moreover, when you put hot compounds or other chemicals on your finger tips you run not only the risk of burning the skin on your finger tips, but your lips as well.

And if you are one to rub your eyes, use your imagination for how that is going to feel!

The best approach is to either quit gradually or cold turkey. Quitting gradually requires tremendous discipline. This would entail reminding yourself whenever you are about to do it and substitute something in its place.

So instead of biting your nails, you might chew on gum or a straw or popsicle stick whenever you are tempted to start nail biting, or have one in place in advance as a precautionary measure.

Remember, the goal is to disrupt the 21-28 day time period.

Quitting cold turkey would require just developing sheer will power and quitting. I know this sounds hard and it is, but the power of the mind can do tremendous things.

Another way to quit cold turkey immediately and is nearly full-proof from the outset is hypnosis! Hypnosis is a great tool to stop nail biting and one, or a couple of sessions will have you on your way to a nail biting-free life!

Check out this MP3 session to help you quit nail biting today here.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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