Affluenza – How to Overcome the Urge to Accumulate Stuff

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Never ever throwing anything away is a symptom of a serious problem

Have you ever watched the hit reality TV series Hoarders?

If not, perhaps you know someone who likes to hoard things? Okay, let me just throw it out there…are you a hoarder?

Do you feel the continual and perpetual need to hoard and keep things that collect dust and make your living space looking like a junk yard?

If the answer to the last question is yes, or you are worried about someone close to you who is a hoarder, then this article is for you!

People often wonder how others could live in a home where it looks like a bomb just went off?

A place where stacks and shelves of overflowing nick-knacks, trinkets, both clean and dirty clothes, stuff outdated by 20 years – sometimes 50 years, etc. What is this method to the madness of organizing your rooms, office, entire house like a cheap flea market?

Most who live this way like to “hold onto everything” because it is of sentimental value, or might be “worth a lot of money” some day! In fact, some collect and accumulate “stuff” because they plan on putting it on E-bay one day.

Oh yes, that “one day” project started some 10 years ago and now their homes looks like warehouses!

Why this accumulation madness? Where and when did it come from for people who just can’t seem to give or throw stuff away? The problem often arose in childhood due to “not having a lot“, feeling or living impoverished, or learning from parents to “hold onto everything” because it, “Might come in handy someday“.

This was the anatomy of the accumulation and hoarding problems.

It is also possible someone experienced an unfortunate event later in their lives where financially they experienced some sort of financial loss or tragedy which put them in a mind set to hold onto everything tooth and nail!

For those living with an accumulation mindset wondering how they will ever get out of it, or get rid of the things in their lives which are “cluttering” their homes and lives, they need to get outside help to change their mindsets from cluttered to free!

You see the accumulation of clutter around homes represents the “clutter” one is holding onto in their minds. In fact, those hope/wanting great stuff to come into their lives need to remove the clutter in order for room to be made to welcome new, fresh, healthy desired “stuff” to come in.

The best way to achieve mental clutter removal (which will lead to actual physical junk removal) is to see a therapist to help clear the mental junk out.

Some people need to vent and release in their minds before the actual junk can be released in their lives. Also, a good hypnotherapist can prove as a wonderful support to help individuals tap into their unconscious minds where the emotional and mental clutter has accumulated for far too long that it is so dusty and worn tattered that they can’t identify what it is or how it got there!

Hypnotherapists can help you clean out the cob webs and files that have collected in your mind which hinder you from truly leading the life you were intended to lead -clean and organized!

Click here to check out an MP3 session on affluenza.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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