The 4-Hour Work Week Myth – Part I

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Do you feel duped? Read this…

Are you sick and tired of being bombarded with hearing about the Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Work Week? About how you can get to a point where you only work 4-hours a week to keep your multi-million dollar empire running and printing money for you every day?

First, a few observations of mine…

Tim Ferris doesn’t work 4-hours a week. I don’t know Tim personally but have read his book and listened to him being interviewed a number of times. The guy is driven, with tons of projects and ideas which fill his day. I like Tim Ferris but…

Tim Ferris does not work a 4-hour week.

Tim Ferris probably cringes now at the title of his book. Whether he had a large say in it or it was a marketing or publisher ploy I don’t know. I believe though he cringes at its literal interpretation by readers and people who aspire to only working 4-hours a week as they control their millions.

Warren Buffet is a billionaire and could afford to work a 4-minute work week. But he doesn’t, he enjoys the thrill of living and to him living means conducting business. I don’t know how many hours per week he works but most likely a lot more than 4-hours.

So to me the 4-hour work week is a myth and no more than a slogan that has lost its meaning.

What does all this mean to you?

Well, if you have bought into the 4-hour work week but never got there or disappointed that for you it didn’t work, then let’s have a discussion today about that. Because you’re not the only one feeling let down or empty by the promise.

There are 168 hours in a week. You get the same as me. Tim Ferris and Warren Buffet get 168 hours as well. Nobody can buy more. So we can agree that the difference in results from one person to another is mostly how we use those hours – right?

If you said no, then you’re probably arguing that a Tim Ferris or Warren Buffet has opportunities today that the likes of you and I don’t have. This is true. Mr. Buffet could invest $10 million today and in ones years’ times receive a check for $11 million because of a 10% interest for doing nothing – $1 Million earned profit.

This is true – so let’s roll back the clock to day one when none of you had anything. Tim Ferris, Warren Buffet and you are standing naked in a room and broke.

I would be willing to bet $100 that if you continued to live your life the way you have then Tim Ferris and Warren Buffet would not be broke for long but most likely you would – or at least you would take longer to get out of skid row.

This may sound a little harsh and opinionated about you considering I don’t really know you!

The fact is I’m trying to make a point about the general crowd rather than you specifically. You just happen to be a handy victim as you’re reading this article.

So how do we emulate the success of a Tim Ferris or Warren Buffet?

The secret is where and how we spend our time. Time is everything! The choices you make about where you spend your time is important but by itself is not a predictor of success – you have to combine it with focus – which is the how of what we choose to do with our time.

Lest you’re translating these simple explanations into solely a business focus then let me bring you back from that precipice – it relates to all your time – work, eating, grooming, family, fun, etc. Your fun and family time should be every bit as focused and quality driven as your work hours.

So how do you get to a where and how place in your life from this point in time.

Stay tuned for ideas in next week’s blog post.

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Erika Slater, CH
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