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Overcoming the Fear of Heights – Conquering Acrophobia

Girl sitting over high mountain view

Are you afraid of heights? Whenever you stand atop of something very high, do you begin to feel squeamish, with butterflies starting to take flight in your stomach, your legs feeling like they’re turning to jelly, and feeling dizzy and light-headed? If you feel any or combination of the above then you most likely have a fear of heights, which by the way is a common phobia. Acrophobia is the more exact term for this fear of heights, even when you’re not necessarily that high up. Vertigo is sometimes misleadingly attached to fear of heights but is caused by a different condition entirely even though the symptoms can appear to be similar. I’m sure that doesn’t sound too reassuring, but understanding why you’ve a fear of heights and how you can deal with it better, may help! Here’s more…

How to Stop Negative Thought Patterns and Reprogram Your Thinking

Negative Thinking on Napkin Saying

Are you the type of person who tends to, “hope for the best, but expect the worst”? Okay, perhaps your thinking patterns are more negative than that as you mostly thinking about, and are expecting, the worst nine or ten out of ten times because you’re conditioned to disappointment, and let downs from past experiences. Do your past mistakes and experiences keep you rooted in this negativity, rendering you helpless to feel like there’s a continual ‘black cloud’ following you around? If so, then this article make help you begin to break out of this rout! Read more here…

Hypnosis is Yoga for the Mind – Flexibility for Your Brain

Yoga for the Mind Concept Image

Are you familiar with yoga? First impressions of it are usually a fascination of people in weirdly unusual body positions. That’s a start but it’s much more. Perhaps you even practice yoga in your daily living. If you do then you know there’s a richness to it you can’t understand unless you experience it. Have you ever tried hypnosis? First impression of it is people with their eyes closed just like meditation. Maybe you use hypnosis in your life as well. If you do then you know the life changing tool you have as your unconscious mind and it’s premise is different than meditation. What about ‘yoga for the mind’? Have you ever heard of this concept before? If not, then please read on…

The Benefits of Deep Forest Relaxation and Forest Therapy

deep forest image

Are you someone who has a hard time seeing the forest from the trees literally? That is, you’re not too in tune with nature and don’t do the ‘nature walk‘ thingy often, or ever? Are you more of an iron jungle and technology type of person, whereby everything that surrounds you is usually of a 9 to 5 mentality? Then perhaps you’re someone who could benefit from starting to see both the forest and the trees together and start connecting with your natural roots! Or maybe you remember those days when you did spend time in your favorite forest but haven’t had the chance for many years, and long to experience the peace and connection once again. When was the last time you went on a nature walk? Want to know how to one in your home? Read more…

How to Reduce Memory Loss as You Age – Ways to Age Proof Your Brain

Memory Loss Concept Image

Memory loss, being forgetful, and the frustrating inability to recall quickly things you know you know, but just can’t remember, are all symptoms we associate with aging. And it’s true as we get older it does seem as if we lose some of that memory retention and quick recall we had, and needed, when we were younger learning rote things so we could pass an exam. We can all do things to improve our memories and the fact is you should start now to not only reduce your risk of brain disease in the future, but pave the way for retaining a healthy capacity to retain knowledge and details of past events. It starts with your brain and understanding what’s going on to retain and recall our memories. Prepare to be amazed.

Overcoming Ablutophobia – the Fear of Washing and Bathing

Ablutophobia Girl Concept Image

Do you possess the phobia known as Ablutophobia? Have you even heard of it, let alone have difficulty pronouncing it? Well, this is a real phobia and not some random word selected for a spelling bee or a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant. It’s also not a phobia of the famed Popeye cartoon character Bluto! Now I’m really dating myself! If you’ve never heard of it before it may come somewhat of a surprise, as it’s a fear of one of the most basic elements of humanity – a fear of hygiene! Like many phobias, it can be difficult to pinpoint when and how it started but it’s a fear that was learned, and so you should take comfort in knowing there’s a great chance it can be overcome with the right therapy and help. Read more…

The Self-Motivation Booster – Getting to Achieve Better Goals

Self-Motivation Booster Concept Image

Do you have difficulty in getting motivated to get projects started, get your goals achieved, or even get yourself organized to create goals in the first place? Perhaps you’ve always “flown by the seat of your pants” (nothing wrong with that if you get results), but tend to get side-tracked, distracted and lose focus. If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this article pertains to you and you need to make changes in the way you go about motivating yourself to get your goals achieved. I’m also going to argue in order to meet your goals you’re going to need to make some drastic changes to remove distractions in your life and learn to motivate yourself and not rely on others to motivate you. Read more here…

Learning to Love Life is a Mindset and How to Get To It!

Senior Couple Loving Life

re you an individual who truly loves their life to the fullest? Do you wake up every morning excited to start the new day with a twinkle in your eye and a spring in your step, ready to enjoy or conquer whatever life has to offer you? Do you thank God, the Universe or whom or whatever because you’re alive and get to live another day? In a word, are you ‘enjoying’ life? Alternatively, perhaps you’re on the other side of “life’s” coin, in that you wake up every morning feeling like you’ve somehow got to get through another day and possess a ‘barely getting by’ mentality, and feel you’re merely existing. Want to introduce changes? Read more here…

Simple Ways to Overcome the Fear of Growing Old Alone

senior woman contemplating growing old

As the population of “X” and “Y” generations start to get older, more and more people today are single, perhaps more than ever before. Divorce rates have never been higher than over the last ten to fifteen years, and more individuals are choosing to remain single after divorce, or not even getting married in the first place. This has many thinking and fearing growing old alone. This mindset is literally a major concern for people who worry they’ll be alone for the rest of their life, with no one to turn to when they’re much older and when they’ll need support and help the most. If you’re still young enough and in the work force or have a career, this may cushion the blow for now. But what happens when you retire and get older? Read more…

How to Control Hunger Pangs and Tackling Emotional Eating

Controlling Eating Concept Image

Are you an individual who is ‘always hungry’ or have a difficult time walking away from eating whenever food is presented, even though you know you’re really only eating just for the sake of eating? Perhaps the problem is all about your own ‘will power.’ Also, perhaps you’re trying to cut down on calories, or modify your eating habits due to being on a new eating program or diet but it’s making you unable to control your appetite. Many diets cause hunger pangs, which is the result of your stomach emptying after digesting your last meal, and the walls come into contact and rub against one another. Is there something you can do to control your hunger and retrain your hunger instincts? Yes, there is… read more…